When I discovered bobbin lace it was not the complexity of its fabrication which attracted me, but the possibility to use the technique as a means of creation. After a brief initiation of basic stitches I soon made my first attempts. My knowiedge has improved little by little but I am not outstanding, nor ever will be.

Emotions are strong when all that is undesirable is removed. I prefer simplicity to abundance (I prefer a Romanesque abbey to a baroque palace) I mistrust the spectacular and do not like complication. I only use a few different stitiches.

I do not research new ideas systematically. I do not think that "contemporary" is synonymous with "revolutionary". Systematic rejection of traditional techniques to launch into a crazy unrestrained improvisation can sometimes mask lack of inspiration.

Whether using a series of rather classic tallies or one of the new crazy stitches, different coloured threads or a classic white linen thread, it is to convey a sensation or impression not to attract attention.

I note down small technical details, specific effects in antique or modern lace which aid my research. It is the raised effect by highly twisted threads, the depth achieved by using different threads, the movement made by a thread which is not tight enough... A simple technical detail which can lead to a project.
But mostly is it images from the garden, the street, the kitchen which lead to new ideas. It is the shape of a tree, a brick wall, or light reflecting on a curtain. You are not meant to recognise the wall, tree or curtain. I just want to show an arrangement, a movement, or a reflexion. I am not interested in reconstructing the image but showing how it impressed me. There is more freedom in the abstract for those who create than for the spectator. This is why my ceations never have tities !
For me contemporary lace has have an artistic expression. The originality of a work is an integral part of the personality of the creator. He delivers his anxieties, desires, dreams, life, his vision of the world. Lace can certainly be beautiful and flatterring, but I prefer it cheerful, disturbing, peaceful, violent or crazy... Above all I want it to be sincere and exciting !